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Iowa Model Competencies


Iowa model competencies are all developed as a result of a conversation among content experts who begin with two questions:

  1. What are the big buckets of learning in our field?
  2. What do we want our students to take with them, to remember and know and be able to do, 10 years from now?

Standards of the Iowa Core are then matched to each competency where they fit.

Scoring Documents

We are developing scoring documents for each competency to help students and teachers negotiate learning pathways and assessments. Scoring documents should help the outcomes for students to be more consistent even though the learning pathways and assessment may differ greatly.

  • The first part includes the learning progressions and gives an overview of where we are headed in the learning.  It can also be used to help parents and others understand what is expected in learning and demonstration of learning.
  • The second part of each one includes the I Can . . . Statements that should be used as students and teachers to negotiate learning pathways and meaningful assessments

Universal Constructs Model Competencies

  • The universal constructs are the overarching goals we have for our graduates. They are the foundation of all other competencies.
  • Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Complex Communication Scoring Document, Flexibility/Adaptability, Productivity/Accountability  (Click on the link for the scoring document. Not all the documents have been developed.  They will be posted and the link will be live as they are developed.)

Content Competencies are under construction and will be posted as they are finalized.  Drafts of our work are offered as we develop them.

DRAFT Math Model Competencies

Currently only developed for high school.

World Languages Model Competencies: World languages has four competencies developed from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) work with ACTFL's permission and input.  The Cultural Competency is intended to be developed along with the other competencies so does not have a separate scoring document.  These scoring documents use different headings for the columns than those of the other content areas because they match the nationally recognized progressions used by ACTFL.

  • INTERPERSONAL-Cultural Scoring Document
  • INTERPRETIVE-Cultural Scoring Document
  • PRESENTATIONAL-Cultural Scoring Document

Questions??? Or need help

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