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Protocol for Universal Constructs Buy-in for Staff and Community

           Slides for UC Protocol

Competency-based Education Task Force Final Report

Department of Education Guidelines for Competency-based Education

December 2011 Event Archive

2012 Legislation.pdf 

Resources: Although there are many resources for information about competency-based education, the following sources are offered as a starting point for districts interested in working toward competency-based pathways for their students. 

 A.   Delivering on the Promise:  The Education Revolution (2009). R.A. DeLorenzo, W.J. Battino, R.M. Schreiber, and B.G. Carrio. Solution Tree: Bloomington, Indiana.

 B.   International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) http://www.inacol.org/research/competency/index.php        www.CompetencyWorks.org

  1.  Cracking the Code:  Synchronizing Policy and Practice for Performance-Based Learning by Susan Patrick (iNACOL) and Chris Sturgis (MetisNet)
  2.  It’s Not a Matter of Time:  Highlights from the 2011 Competency-Based Learning Summit by Chris Sturgis (MetisNet), Susan Patrick (iNACOL) and Linda Pittenger (CCSSO)

 D.   Marzano study of the RISC competency-based education program http://www.marzanoresearch.com/documents/RISC_vs_Non_RISC.pdf  

 E.    Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC) http://www.reinventingschools.org/resources/results/

  1.  Among the results realized through the RISC program are the following:
  • Significant, sustained increases in student achievement.
  • Increases in the number of students applying to, attending, and remaining in college.
  • Decreases in staff turnover.
  • Significantly higher percentages of students passing high-stakes state assessments.

      2. Re-Inventing Schools Coalition videos http://www.reinventingschools.org/resources/video/

 F.    Research Base for Proficiency-based Instructional Practices: Drawing from empirically-based studies of teaching practice as well as practitioner-oriented prescriptions and frameworks for instructional practice, this research base provides a foundation for the attributes of proficiency-based teaching and learning.  


 G.    Off the Clock: Moving Education from Time to Competency (2012).  F. Bramante and R. Colby.  Corwin: Thousand Oaks, California.

 H.   National website:  www.CompetencyWorks.org


 State Contact:  Sandra Dop   515-281-0127   


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