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No Two Students Are the Same

We all know this.  It may take one student one hour to master a new skill and another student two weeks.  And the mastery is what matters.  I have a set of twin boys at home and they highlight this for me everyday.  Regardless of how much time I spend teaching them a skill, one may "get it" while the other needs me to offer him other ways of learning it.  And it may take one of them 6 months longer than the other to really master something.  In fact, I am still potty training one of them and the other has been in big boy pants for almost a year.  And potty training definitely requires mastering skills before progressing to the next level!  I just posted a new blog about the potential of competency-based education to offer growth opportunities for every student, No Two Students Are the Same.  Plus if you click over you can see a picture of my boys! 

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Great summary ofthe direction we are trying to go with competency-based direction in educaiton, Mandi.  (And your boys are adorable!)

Analysing Students mastering skill is no so easy.Great job Mandi.

Thanks for sharing.


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