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So if we took what we have learned from AIW and formative assessment and brought it forward with competency-based education, how might that develop the perfect storm?

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As a district that began K-12 implementation of Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) in the fall of 2011, I can tell you that I certainly see many benefits from this work as we consider competency-based education.  First, the focus on higher order thinking has challenged our staff to look at the range of cognitive demands for our students.  Second, we have had incredible conversations about concept-based versus skill-based lessons.  Third, the focus on conversation and communication have helped cement the notion of student-centered learning.  Finally, the component of value beyond school has caused us to think about how students apply their learning.

All of these conversations and changes in instruction are preparing our staff for competency-based education.  We feel there are many AIW components that will ease the transition to a new system of learning.  We will continue to work and check on our results.

I have never been in a district that implemented AIW so thanks for articulating what I was only assuming.

Very happy to help.  Let me know if you want to know more about AIW and its support for CBE.  I'd love to chat!


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